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Solo show Rachel MacLean

10/05 > 07/08/2018
Vernissage : Saturday, May 12,2018 11:30 AM

As part of the spring of contemporary art, MP2018 What Love! and the Love Letters project (France / Scotland exchanges)

For this 10th Spring of Contemporary Art, the Château de Servières is part of the exchange program with Scotland Love letters, developed by the Marseille Expos network, with the production of a solo show by the artist Rachel MacLean. After Caroline le Méhauté, Emilie Perroto, Noël Ravaud, Marc Etienne, Michele Sylvander and Gilles Desplanques, our choice fell on this young artist whose aesthetic, sophisticated, kitsch and girly contrast with the line usually proposed by the Château de Servieres…

Rachel Maclean made an impression at the 57th Venice Biennale where she represented her country with the video “Spite your face”, she will present at Château de Servières with two other videos and a series of photos. The artist who uses the formal and aesthetic codes of her childhood cartoons and teeny TV series develops in her works a fine satire of our society in the pure English tradition of criticism and the cartoon of the mighty. Thus her stories always end up drifting towards a grotesque and trashy epilogue, causing the viewer feelings mixed between revolt and awareness … He will quickly get seduced by the quality of the achievements, from sets to costumes through music and by the performance. Like a real chameleon, Rachel Maclean transforms herself, incarnating alternately the innocence or the perversity of her characters racked with the vicissitude of the dystopias she imagines, a kind of rereading of the moral and initiatory tale of the 21st century….

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May 10 – August 7, 2018

Saturday, May 12,2018 _ 11:30 AM

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